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Study up on this program and you’ll discover formulas that are free of grains, or corn, wheat and soy, but full of ingredients chosen to serve a specific purpose—delivering exactly what your pet needs to thrive, and none of what he doesn’t.

nutrition you want without ingredients you don’t
  • Every ingredient chosen for a specific functional or nutritional purpose
  • Made without grains, or without corn, wheat or soy
  • Made without artificial colors or flavors
  • Made without poultry by-product meal

Outstanding nutrition and taste in a grain-free dog food.

Grain-free and no corn, wheat or soy formulas, fine-tuned to fuel your varsity athlete.

Specialized nutrition for unique needs in a grain-free dog food.

Breakthrough nutrition to support cognitive health, made without corn, wheat or soy.

Fine-tuned nutrition to feed your cat’s natural instincts
  • Grain free options formulated without corn, wheat or soy
  • Natural plus essential nutrients
  • Highly digestible dry formulas promote optimal nutrient absorption

True Nature

Natural Chicken & Egg Formula Plus Essential Nutrients, optimized for lean muscle, strength and energy, with chicken as the #1 ingredient.

True Nature

Natural Salmon & Egg Formula Plus Essential Nutrients, made with 40% protein and salmon as the #1 ingredient.